Thursday, December 3, 2009


When did this idea of an International Marc Lepine Day ever come up, and when and how could someone in his right mind consider to put forward such a ridiculous notion and contention as a St. Marc's Day? St-Marc's Day has been introduced in 2005 by the extremist intellectual fringe that functions as the vanguard of the men's movement. In fact, two groups had the same idea at the same time: Bob Allen and his group and John Gisogod and his Yahoo friends at Frustrated_men. The International Marc Lepine Day or St-Marc Day on December 6 is not accepted and celebrated by the majority of the men's movement. It has been established that it should be a day when we remember the first counter-attack against the feminazi's war on men. By celebrating Marc Lepine and embracing him as a hero, it was believed that this would disturb the feminists' plans and enrage them. The goal was to uncover their plot to spread universal shame and guilt in the men's camp and neutralize it. Saying that he's a saint and celebrating him on that date was a bold move. It is a daring move that angers all feminazis and confuses them.

Making Marc Lepine a hero is only a tactical move in the big chess game true activists are playing against the feminists. And if it can help win some victories over them the better. When activists started to launch this campaign about celebrating St-Marc, the feminists they were in contact with and those monitoring friendly groups were appalled. This daring move, they hoped, may help free their children. They believed they should confront the enemy, make them appalled and make them run. It is generally viewed as a very daring move, but a necessary one! It's not that Marc Lepine was a good father or especially relevant to the men's movement with what he has done, it is rather that he had become an Icon of the incarnate male evil to feminists and a weapon in their hands against masculism. Celebrating him on that date, even saying he's a saint is much more than a bold move: it has become a form of gender duty and patriotism, then such daring clearly angers and confuses the enemy.

So, start to put up your decorations and send out invitations for the annual celebration of St. Marc's Day. Colored lights, candles, ammo belts hung by the gun racks, a picture of St. Marc above the fireplace: decoration of a man's home that make him feel there is hope. If you really want to hurt the feminists, commemorate the death of St-Marc on December 6th. That is as simple as that. Men in Eastern Canada were the worst off on planet Earth twenty years ago, Quebec in particular (which was already a matriarchy before the advent of feminism). It is the place where it all began on December 6th 1989. A young boy, dare we say a prophet, fed up with the fact that women were taking all the power, swarming all political and administrative institutions, the education system and the work place, after having manipulated men there for over three centuries, that young boy then decided to fight back. He went to a feminist stronghold called ''Polytechnique'', the faculty of engineering and architecture of the University of Montreal and killed 15 feminists single-handedly.

The media called him a mass-murderer, but what makes him so special is that he only killed women and did his utmost to spare the men; he warned the young men who wanted to intervene to clear off: ''I have nothing against you guys, get out!'' and by the way he handled this assault rifle, they obeyed. It is by deliberately sparing the men and having his anti-feminist manifesto later published that Marc Lepine took his place in history. Feminists took advantage of the killing to demonize men some more and have more anti-men laws voted in the Canadian parliament, so it did set back the masculist movement another five years, but by then male activists had decided not to play in the hands of feminists anymore: instead of being ashamed of Marc Lepine, they decided to make him a hero. That infuriated feminists, then male activists now contended that the feminists themselves had created Marc Lepine, that the young man would never had gone on a rampage if all kinds of provocations and injustice done to men in general over two decades haven't led him to it. Feminists and women in general were responsible, that's what the new men's movement in Quebec was saying.


How many folk-heroes were first branded criminals, later to be recognized as genuine heroes?Although perhaps a criminal, could not Lepine fit also the description and achieve hero status some day? For now, it is important to celebrate St-Marc and December 6th as a date because, if you really want feminists to lose control, this is the surest way. To make him a martyr and a saint on next December 6th is not only to be truthful and accurate, it is a necessary step on the road to victory in this gender war. So, make it publicly known; it is everyone's responsability to highlight the event somehow! The fact that many acknowledge the importance of this day already tells a lot to the media.


Marc Lepine will long be remembered as an oppressed and abused man who fought back against feminist's hate that had pushed him aside. This day is celebrated as the day when one successfully fought back and finally stood up to feminism. Although many Canadian feminists continue to use this date as an hate-men festival, a remembrance day to enshrine their bigotry and hatred, others now say that it clearly shows what Marc Lepine fought against. If it shows one thing, it is that misandry is still very powerful in Canada. If anything, this young man is a martyr in the fight for freedom from oppression, who stood up against tyranny and died for the cause. We say a saint, because his falls in the same category of what Japanese call a "swordsaint" and what we, in the West, recognize as the "Boondock Saints' phenomenon". May his sacrifice be long remembered by those who stand up for freedom and oppose hatred. Some 20 years after the deed, the fact that men and women still care about this event means that it has become a milestone in Gender war history.

Until now, December 6th was acknowledged as an important event and emphasized mostly by feminists. That men and men's groups speak of it openly now, unafraid and unashamed, strikes us as a novelty. When one thinks of it, December 6th is our holiday and every men's rights activist true Christmas. It is not only the day St-Nicholas officially arrives in Amsterdam every year, it is not only Holland's Christmas, it is our Christmas now! Today is a day for activists everywhere to hoist a glass and remember a courageous man. Here is to Mr. Marc Lépine. Let's celebrate this, our second Christmas in peace brothers. Merry Christmas!

John Gisogod


  1. Hurray for Marc Lepine!! I am a woman who hates feminist groups as they do more harm then good. They are nothing but a bunch of frustrated man hating dukes!! I will take out my Black Tactical folding stock Mini-Ruger 14 and give Marc a full clip salute! (I am a woman who is into guns btw)This ones for you Marc!

  2. You people are morons.
    Marc Lepine was an Islamic terrorist whose hatred was rooted in the Koran . He murdered 14 human beings , not because of feminism , but because he was too unstable to join the military and kept dropping out of university because it was just too hard. Cry me a river!
    Are you people going to host a day honouring Usama Bin laden for his contributions in the war on women?

  3. Mika is a nazi.Feminism is an abomination imposed on the people by the Zionist World Governent.

  4. Dear Mr. author of this blog,

    Since we are on the same team, could you add the link of my blog next to your frustrated men group ad. On my site I detail, in many oftentimes comic stories, the disaster feminism has been for everyone! It hits a lot of the points your blog mentions you know "men getting mad at women, having less respect because of feminism, etc."

    I've been a long time fan of ML, I even own a Ruger Mini-14. Remember December 6th!

  5. your stupidity and arrogance combined with your hate is unbelievable and sickening.

  6. Mika the ZioNazi said: "Marc Lepine was an Islamic terrorist whose hatred was rooted in the Koran"

    Not really:

    "[Marc Lepine] was baptized a Roman Catholic as an infant, but received no religious instruction during his childhood;[4][8] his mother described her son as "a confirmed atheist all his life".[9] His father was a non-practicing Muslim, while her mother was a former Catholic nun who had rejected organized religion after she left the convent"

    Have fun taking it in the ass by zionists Mika, seems like you like it very much.

  7. If a man could fully destroyed the feminism with the feminists, he must be a great hero. Because of feminism is destroying the long time existence of the human civilization.

  8. tout ca il ya bientot 23 ans . lepine a tue est sest suicide . caveat emptor

  9. Are you fucking kidding me? This guy MURDERED 14 innocent people in cold blood. And you want to make him a martyr and a hero for your cause? I'm sure that will help bring legitimacy to the Men's Rights movement.

  10. Mark Lepine isn't a folk hero. He's a cautionary tale.